Inspired by Italo Calvino’s “Cosmicomic" and Taruho Inagaki’s “One Thousand and One Second Stories”, CosmiConte is a visual-auditory story told through live projection and live music. Using simple geometrical figures such as dots, lines, and rectangles as main “characters”, CosmiConte tells a planetary story of loneliness, longing, and love.

A circle could represent a moon, or a planet.
Another circle could represent a human, who longs to become one with the universe, but fails to do so.
Work on the sense of gravity, orbit and sense of eternal time.
A circle could be anything that is born, lives and disappears.

Scene 1

Prologue: Appearance of circle

elements: one circle

Introducing a "circle".
Starts from complete darkness. 
Gradually, the shape of "circle" appears like the moon appears from the thick clouds.
The circle resembles a hole or an entrance to another world.
The circle looks like an eye ball.
Black and white. 
Quiet, and mysterious.
At the end of this scene, a clear simple geometric circle appears, with color.
A circle is born.


Scene 2


elements: two circles (and other shapes?)

The second circle appears into the space.
The circle starts orbiting. (other shapes are also orbiting)
Magnetic attraction between the two circles.
Eventually, the circles breaks the orbital movements and come closer.

Slightly comical and rhythmical.

Scene 3


elements: two circles

Romantic sequences between two circles.
Close-up images. 
Physical sensation.
Chemical reactions.
Happiness. Beautiful moment.
Melodic, melancholic.


Scene 4


elements: two circles, lines and planes

Two circles are separated with a line (and planes) 
Now the two circles are in the different worlds.
They try to stay together but now it is impossible.
One circle is carried away and disappears.
The other circle, eventually, disappears.

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