Story Creation Workshop vol.1 / 物語を探るワークショップ vol.1

 Story Creation Workshop is an on-going workshop series to explore "story" as an experiment field where creative expressions meet beyond the boarders of art genres such as literature, theatre, film and fine arts. We did the first workshop "Story Creation Workshop: vol.1 - Object" at the Studio Brick-One in Tokyo in December 10, 2016. Together with participants and many objects they brought, we explored the possibility of creating story from and through objects and objects manipulation. 

This workshop series continue. Each time we will focus on the different elements such as object, space, sound, body, light, language and media to explore the possibility of alternative story design. Stay tuned for the next workshop...! (posted by sachiyo)



このワークショップ・シリーズでは毎回オブジェ、空間、音、身体、言葉、メディア等の表現要素に注目しながら、複合的な物語デザインの可能性を探っていきます。次回もお楽しみに。。。(投稿 by サチヨ)