The Jim Henson Foundation 2017 Grant / ジム・ヘンソン財団2017年度助成

We are so proud to announce that our project Everything Starts from a Dot is a part of The Jim Henson Foundation 2017 grant recipients among amazing artists!

Sesame Street was broadcasted in Japan in English (without subtitles) when Sachiyo was small, and it was her first entrance to the world of wonder, guided by Muppets! She is so glad to receive this "present" from Jim Henson, and is ready to explore more the world of puppetry, objects and beyond.

Our lab member "dot" is also so excited that it can't wait to explore more of itself this year :-)!!!
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ワレワレのラボのプロジェクト「Everything Starts from a Dot (すべては点からはじまる)」がジム・ヘンソン財団の2017年度助成を受けることになりました。


今回の助成はジム・ヘンソンさんからよい子? へののプレゼントと思って、人形やオブジェのことをいろいろ考えながら作品作りに精出します。

(投稿 by サチヨ)