Thank you! : Object Dance & Puppet BloK

Thank you so much for the people who came to see Object Dance last week and sheep #1 @ Puppet BloK last night.
We were so happy to see your faces :).
Thanks a lot for FiveMyles and Dixon Place Puppet BloK who presented our shows!
And thank you for Un Yamada, Emile Blondel and all the collaborators who played with us to experiment new ideas!
(posted by dot, rabbit, sheep and sachiyo) 

先週のObject Dance、昨晩のPuppet BloKでのsheep#1を観に来てくださったみなさま、ありがとうございました。公演の場を作ってくださったFiveMyles、Dixon Placeのみなさまにも感謝です。

(投稿 by 点、うさぎ、ヒツジ、サチヨ)