The Jim Henson Foundation 2018 Grant /ジム・ヘンソン財団2018年度助成

We are so proud to announce that our project Everything Starts from a Dot is a part of The Jim Henson Foundation 2018 grant recipients among amazing artists!

Thank you for Jim Henson and his foundation for great inspiration.
We are very honored to be a part of his legacy, a part of beautiful puppetry community :).
We won't forget to always stay curious! 
Dot and sachiyo are excited to continue "dot's journey" this year! 
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ワレワレのラボのプロジェクト「Everything Starts from a Dot (すべては点からはじまる)」が2018年度もジム・ヘンソン財団を受けることになりました。



(投稿 by サチヨ)