THANK YOU: Everything Starts from a Dot @La MaMa Puppet Festival

Thank you for the people who came to see Everything Starts from a Dot at the La MaMa Puppet Festival last week! It was so great having you all in the audience :-).

Dot had a relaxing day today after hard working weeks.
Here is a photo of dot at a cafe today.

Hope to see you at our next show! (posted by sachiyo & dot)

「すべては点からはじまる」初演@La MaMa Puppet Festivalに来て下さった皆様、ありがとうございました。客席の皆様のお顔を見て点も元気百倍! 楽しんで頂けたでしょうか。


また次の公演でお会いするのを楽しみにしています!(投稿 by サチヨ & 点)

Thank you!: Dot @ FiveMyles

Thanks a lot for the people who came to see us at FiveMyles yesterday.
We were so excited to meet so many people!
Our journey continues...
Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
(posted by dot & sachiyo)

(投稿 by サチヨ + 点)

Thank you from triangle and dot 本日は三角形も点もリラックス

Thank you from triangle and dot 本日は三角形も点もリラックス

Thank you! : Object Dance & Puppet BloK

Thank you so much for the people who came to see Object Dance last week and sheep #1 @ Puppet BloK last night.
We were so happy to see your faces :).
Thanks a lot for FiveMyles and Dixon Place Puppet BloK who presented our shows!
And thank you for Un Yamada, Emile Blondel and all the collaborators who played with us to experiment new ideas!
(posted by dot, rabbit, sheep and sachiyo) 

先週のObject Dance、昨晩のPuppet BloKでのsheep#1を観に来てくださったみなさま、ありがとうございました。公演の場を作ってくださったFiveMyles、Dixon Placeのみなさまにも感謝です。

(投稿 by 点、うさぎ、ヒツジ、サチヨ)


Story Creation Workshop vol.2 / 物語を探るワークショップ vol.2

We did the workshop "Story Creation Workshop: vol.2 : Object - Extra edition : Strolling YaNeSen neighborhood" in March 14, 2017. This time, participants brought objects that they like to "introduce" to the city scape. While we strolled along the small alleys in YaNeSen neighborhood in Tokyo, participants' daily objects encountered the objects hidden in the city scape and architectural details of the city. Through the meetings of the objects and city, small stories were born. Through the objects, the city revealed different face. 

This workshop series continues! Stay tuned for the next one...! (posted by sachiyo)

2017年3月14日に、<物語>を探るワークショップ<オブジェ篇>の番外篇ー谷根千・街歩き篇を開催しました。今回は「街と出会わせたいオブジェ」を持参した参加者と一緒に、まだちょっと肌寒い春の街へ出発! 見慣れた・見逃していた街のいろんなディテイルや街中の<もの>たちと参加者の持ち寄った<もの>とがそっと出会い、小さな物語がそこここで生まれ、街の隠れた顔が見えてきました。

この「物語を探る」ワークショップ・シリーズはまだまだ続きます。次回もお楽しみに。。。(投稿 by サチヨ)


Story Creation Workshop vol.1 / 物語を探るワークショップ vol.1

 Story Creation Workshop is an on-going workshop series to explore "story" as an experiment field where creative expressions meet beyond the boarders of art genres such as literature, theatre, film and fine arts. We did the first workshop "Story Creation Workshop: vol.1 - Object" at the Studio Brick-One in Tokyo in December 10, 2016. Together with participants and many objects they brought, we explored the possibility of creating story from and through objects and objects manipulation. 

This workshop series continue. Each time we will focus on the different elements such as object, space, sound, body, light, language and media to explore the possibility of alternative story design. Stay tuned for the next workshop...! (posted by sachiyo)



このワークショップ・シリーズでは毎回オブジェ、空間、音、身体、言葉、メディア等の表現要素に注目しながら、複合的な物語デザインの可能性を探っていきます。次回もお楽しみに。。。(投稿 by サチヨ)



Thank you! : In Flux Festival

Thanks a lot for everyone who came to see the show on Friday! Hope you had a fun evening. It was great working at FiveMyles gallery. We made many new friends there :). (Posted by dot)  

金曜日のパフォーマンスに来てくれたみんなありがとう。楽しんでもらえた? FiveMylesギャラリーでの作業楽しかった。新しい友達もたくさんできたよ。(投稿 by 点)



THANK YOU! : Labapalooza!

Thanks a lot for coming to see "Everything Starts from a Dot" at Labapalooza!
We were so excited to meet wonderful audiences :).

Thanks a lot for Puppet Lab people and St. Ann's Warehouse!
We had amazing time there! 

Here are some photos of dot still playing last minutes at St. Ann's Warehouse after the striking today.
(posted by sachiyo & dot)

Labapalooza!での「Everything Starts from a Dot」の公演に来てくださったみなさま、ありがとうございました。
St. Ann's WarehouseのPuppet Lab。ワクワクするこの場所から、帰りたくないなー。
(投稿 by サチヨ & 点)

THANK YOU: La MaMa Puppet Slam

Thank you for coming to meet us at La MaMa Puppet Slam in NYC last night.
Goat was so excited and almost forgot to fall between the lines ;-).
Our next show will be in January 2016 at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn.
Stay tuned! Looking forward to seeing you again there! (posted by rabbit)

昨日ニューヨークLa MaMaの公演見に来てくれたみんな、ありがとう。
ワレワレの次の公演は2016年1月。ブルックリンのSt. Ann's Warehouseにて。
くわしくはまた次回。みんな見に来てね。(投稿 by ウサギ)

THANK YOU! : The Seventh Floor of the World @ STUK

Thank you for coming to see The Seventh Floor of the World @ STUK, Leuven (BE)!
We were all so happy to meet your curious twinkling eyes :-).
Hope to see you again somewhere sometime!
 (posted by sachiyo)

ベルギー、ルーヴェンのSTUKでのThe Seventh Floor of the Worldの公演に来てくれたみんなありがとう!
また会えるといいな。(投稿 by サチヨ)

Performance class at Niigata University!

↓リンクはこちらです。(投稿 by サチヨ)

Sachiyo taught a performance course at Niigata University, Japan during spring semester.
She worked with 22 students to create & present an audience participatory performance "Kotoba no Jikan (Time for Words)". The performance was presented at the university library!
The creation process and performance are reported on the Niigata University site below (Japanese only).
Sachiyo looks very serious when she teaches :-)!! (posted by rabbit)