Six-leaf Clover 六つ葉のクローバー

Sachiyo found a six-leaf clover.
There was a small clover field by a path, and the first clover came into her sight was this six-leaf guy. She even didn't search. They say the odds to find a six-leaf clover is 1 in 1000000000000. Really? Also, it is said to bring hope, faith, love, luck, wealth and fame. Sachiyo thought it is too much to have them all for herself.

So we had a lab meeting. Unanimously, (well, we had to admit that sheep and goat said a few times "it looks tasty"and rabbit probably had the same thought for an instance) we decided to have six-leaf clover as our honorable lab member and its all fortune will be shared with people who need it. Please receive its fortune if you can! We will also try to think how to send its positive vibe through our lab activities. (Posted by Sock monkey) 


というわけでラボ会議の結果、全会一致(実はヒツジとヤギは「おいしそう」と何度か言ったし、ウサギもたぶん一瞬そう思ったけどね)で、六つ葉のクローバーはラボ名誉会員に決定。その幸運のすべては、それが必要な人に分けることにした。受信できそうな人は受け取ってみてね。ワレワレも、この六つ葉のクローバーの幸運をどうやったらみんなに送れるのか、いろいろやってみるよ。(投稿 by ソックモンキー)