Here are some examples of Sachiyo's sound work.

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Live-Cinema Soundtrack:

Galaxy Green - memory

Soundtrack for a nostalgic scene looking back the earth from another galaxy. 

Not Outside - bubble
Soundtrack for an adventurous scene floating in the bubbles that resemble childhood bathing.

Dark Matter - cat girl

Soundtrack for coquettish and cruel scene going underneath of cute girl's mind.

The Red String - night

Soundtrack for a scene of soul searching in solitude and darkness



This piece is a study of Noh-kan, a flute used in traditional Japanese Noh theatre. The attempt of this piece is to explore the "space of Noh-kan". Here, Noh-kan's sound shifts perpetually between several pair of poles; sound/breath, sound (noise)/music, abstract/concrete, micro/macro-image, oriental/occidental.

The title of the piece means "paradise" and "para-dice", a pair of dice. They say the sound of Noh-kan can communicate with the other side of the world --- maybe paradic(s)e exists in sound/as sound/with sound.

Noh-Kan played by: Sachiyo Takahashi

Honorable Mention at the biennial acousmatic composition competition Métamorphoses 2002, Brussels (BE).