岡本宮弥 Miya Okamoto

岡本流新内節 Shinnai-bushi Storyteller 


Born in snow country in Niigata prefecture in Japan. Witnessed Master Bunya Okamoto’s late years stages and became fascinated by Shinnai-bushi storytelling. She then left Japan in 1996 and has lived in Belgium, Canada and US. After the long adventures over the world, she became a disciple of Master Miyanosuke Okamoto III in 2012. Ever since she has been learning Shinnai-bushi artistry traveling back and forth between New York and Yanaka, Tokyo. In June 2019, she became a Natori, a holder of a diploma of master of Okamoto school Shinnai-bushi and received a stage name Miya Okamoto. She is passionate in introducing the great achievement of the late Grand Master Bunya Okamoto and the charm of Okamoto school Shinnai-bushi to the world. Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC.


2019年10月26日(土)岡本宮之助作品選II@ 江戸東京博物館小ホール

2019年11月22日(金)〜11月23日(土・祝)岡本宮之助をきく会II @新潟・砂丘館

Okamoto Miyanosuke Official Site

Okamoto Miyanosuke Official Site