Sachiyo Takahashi

Sachiyo Takahashi is an artist, composer, and performer. 

Coming from a broad background in music — from Classical to traditional Japanese music to Electroacoustic — Sachiyo's work centers around storytelling accompanied by finely-crafted audio that is integrated with other sensory elements. She explores the border between narrative and abstraction in a minimalist manner to generate fables for the subconscious realm.

Sachiyo founded Nekaa Lab in 2006 together with other "lab members" (stuffed toys and tiny figurines). She has been producing performances, installations and writings, while observing human nature from alternative perspectives.  Sachiyo's Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre — unique performances projected from a miniature stage — has been appraised as a quirky yet imaginative merging between theatrical and cinematic experiences.

Besides creation, Sachiyo also gives lectures and workshops presenting her unique approach to audio-visual creation, focusing on auditory imagination. 

Sachiyo currently lives in Brooklyn yet sometimes can be seen strolling the back alleys of Japan, where she is originated.


Nekaa Lab主宰


2006年、Nekaa Lab始動。縫いぐるみやフィギュアの「研究員」達と共に、人間社会を逆の視点から観察し、詩情と機知に富んだ作品をパフォーマンス、インスタレーション、文章などさまざまな形式で制作・発表。特に、ビデオカメラとプロジェクターを使って箱庭サイズの小型舞台を拡大し、観客の目の前で映像を生み出す「顕微鏡ライブシネマシアター」シリーズは、演劇と映画の言語を結びつける試みとして注目されている。