End of Summer / 夏の終わり

One day I heard cicadas in the street. I knew it was the sound made by an insect called "cicada" since a sound technician at a cinema had told me before. He has very good ears to listen to all the fragile sound hidden in the streetscape.

I didn't have my microphone that day. So I went back the next day to the same street, the same time of the day. Cicadas were all gone. I thought summer would last forever, so I even didn't care recording them in the middle of it. When I finally wanted to record them, they were gone. On the ground, lots of things go like this. Lots of people, lots of things are too strong of a ray to see at the noisy hight of it. When it becomes finally visible, it is already disappearing. The most of the times, people fail to catch its tail, and the next season will arrive. I saw many times a person who couldn't catch anything sat on an end-facing bench staring at his/her hands.      

At that night, I noticed the certain sound mixed in with the darkness. It sounded sari sari. It was the sound arrived right when cicada sound left. I started recording it so that I wouldn't miss it this time. At that moment, I saw something very small surfing on the wind. IT landed on me. It was a small insect with tiny wings. He started chattering immediately when he landed on me. "Can I crawl under your shiny fringes when it becomes colder?" I didn't know my scales had such a use. I said "Yes, please." The insect quickly slid his legs under my scales saying "Call me carefree bug. Nice to meet you!" He swung his head and added, "Autumn night isn't so lonely when I am with someone." 

 "What is that sound, sari sari?",  I asked. "They are autumn insects.", he replied. He explained me that sari sari was the sound of autumn insects chewing the cold wind. "Don't you know that autumn wind is harder than summer one? That's why it makes such sound", continued the carefree bug. "Oh, I see..." ... I was not sure if the thing carefree bug told me was correct. What was sure was that the sound I once thought lonesome started to appear merry while I was listening to it together with somebody. I began to imagine beautiful movement of scissors cutting the hard autumn air into various shapes. The scissors cut many invisible shapes out and layered them into the darkness. It seemed like not many people on the ground was noticing it, because all the prickly or whispering shapes had colors yet they were all transparent.

Sample Point: Brooklyn, NY





あのサリサリという音は何? あれは、秋の虫だよ。ああやって、サリサリと冷たい風を咀嚼してるのさ。夏の風よりも秋の風の方が堅いだろう? だからあんな音がするのさ、とのんき虫は言った。ふうん、と言いながら、それが本当かどうかはまあどちらでも構わないけれど、誰かと一緒だと本当にさっきよりも全く淋しいような気がしなくなって、淋しい音だと思っていた虫の音が、硬質の秋の空気をいろんな形に刻んでいるハサミの美しい動きに思えて楽しくすらなった。そのハサミは目には見えないいろんな形を切り出して、闇に重ねていく。でもトゲトゲやさやさやの様々な形は色はあっても透明なので、それに気づいている人はあまりいないみたいだった。