Far from everything / すべてから遠い場所

We came to an "island". Although "Island" is also a part of ground surface, it is isolated from the larger part and surrounded by an ocean. When I was on the larger ground surface (which is called "continent") I always had a sense if I kept on walking step by step, I would reach somewhere far. On the island, instead, you will reach the end very soon regardless of where you start and where you head for. You won't reach somewhere far, but the island is somewhere far. "An ending is a beginning. Yes.", muttered the carefree bug with philosopher-like tone.

The night ocean looked endlessly dark, and the "island" seemed to be floating alone far from everything. After going through the horrifying anxiety of "not-connected-to-anywhere" sense, strange warmth of "being here" floated up. It was a part lonely, a part exciting, solemn feeling found in the mixture of ending and beginning. I felt like saying something a bit serious, but the carefree bug already lied flat on a large leaf up on the tree, gazing the stars, enchanted. 

During the day, I took the "air diving apparatus" off after a long period of time, and went into the ocean. I felt nostalgic seeing the oceanscape. My mates soon came close to me to swim together. My body was so light. While I let my body float in the middle of the salty eddy, the memory from the time I didn't even have memory was oozed from inside. Why did I leave such a comfortable dear place to start a journey ? Why am I continuing my journey carrying such a heavy "air diving apparatus"? Is it because I can only listen to the sound of the wave when I am outside of the wave?

A stream of light ran across the sky. 
"It's a falling star! Did you make a wish? If you chant your wish three times before the light disappears, the wish will come true!" screamed the carefree bug.
I forgot to make a wish because the stream of light was too beautiful to stop staring. The carefree bug made a wish, but he didn't tell me what it was. He thinks if he tells the wish to somebody, the wish wouldn't come true. The area of the landing of the falling star was glowing gently like the first morning light. I, following the carefree bug, went to search "it". 

On a small grass field in the middle of a bush, we found "it". 
"It's a piece of the star! It fell from the sky!", shouted the carefree bug, flying in circle.
Stardust followed us, still partially burning.

According to stardust, the continent is also just a large version of island, and even the earth is merely a tiny island in the vast universe.

We are floating alone, far from everything. 

sample point: O'ahu island, Hawaii




昼間、久しぶりに「潜気具」を外して、海に入った。懐かしい景色がそこにあって、仲間たちがすぐに周りに寄ってきた。体はどこまでも軽く、塩分の多い水の渦に体を委ねると、記憶がなかった頃の記憶が内側から染み出してきた。どうして私は、この懐かしくて居心地のいい場所から旅立ったのだろう? どうして、こんなにも重い「潜気具」を背負って、旅を続けているのだろう? それは波の音が波の外からしか聞こえないことと関係があるのだろうか?

「流れ星だ! ねえ、願い事お願いした? 光が消える前に急いで三回唱えれば、なんでも叶うのさ」

「星の欠片だ! さっき、空から落ちてきたんだ!」とのんき虫はぐるぐる飛びながら叫んだ。