Silence and Eternity / 沈黙と永遠

Dedicated to T.I who always listened to the sound of silence

There are three trees in the park carefree bug loves. In a windy day, the trees make wavy sound. I recorded it a few times and listened to it at night. The "terrestrial wave" sound is always mixed with children's voice who run around the three trees in the shape of connected double 8. The fragments of the children's voice in the terrestrial wave reminded me of the colorful shells tossed about by the ocean wave. 

After the light started to turn into the summer spectral, we saw every morning an old man who were swinging his feet, sitting on a swing in the park. He always had an innocent big smile, nodding time to time although there was nobody else in the park. One day, I sat on a swing next to him for a while, swinging my tail fin. The wind passed, the light passed, and stardust on my scales squinted. Still, there was nothing I could see in the direction where the old man was gazing. Carefree bug who were flying in the air back and forth in the same rhythm of the swing, finally let out a funny scream.

"Hey hey, what makes you that smile? I don't see anything funny here!"
"I am listening to the silence"
"What is SILENCE?" 
"Silence is the sound that will be always here even when my ears disappear"
"Always? Forever?"

Without answering to carefree bug's question, the old man told us to come to the corner over there tomorrow morning and press 'record' button of my recorder exactly at 11AM and press 'stop' button exactly at 11:04:33AM. He poured his big smile into my eyes for the last time, then casually disappeared. 

The next morning, there was no old man in the park.
We saw a stray cat laying at the corner where the old man pointed yesterday.
When the cat made eye contact with me, I immediately understood that the old man's ears weren't on the earth anymore.  
Not daunted, I pressed 'record' button exactly at 11AM, then press 'stop' button exactly at 11:04:33AM.
Thin smoke came out from a far chimney. The sky was as transpearent as usual. 

I tried to record silence. Instead, though, it was eternity that was recorded.
It seems like we were tricked by the old man's Zen dialogue. 
The stray cat yawned, then seemed like momentarily smiled at me before he went back to his pleasant sleep.

Tomorrow is a star festival. Terrestrial people sometime look up the sky to see the stars. According to stardust, the frequency of the "looking up the stars" is more and more decreased in recent years. Ancient people did nothing but watching stars after dark, so soon they came to connect bright starts to draw shapes. Those shapes include heroes, a serpent, and a dipper to scoop the stardusts. Nowadays, very few people watch the sky long enough to see those kind of shapes. The most people now only try to believe that they are seeing something that should be there but is not with eyes that don't actually see anything. 

Stardust says that stars actually regret these contemporary phenomenon, so they sometimes send a special sign to the people who actually look up to really watch the stars. I am not quite sure if this is true since stardust seems to be always in the state of dream. Nevertheless, when stardust said that there is a new smiling star added in the sky today, its eyes are remarkably bright awake. 

sample point: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
sample date: July 6, 2017, 11:00:00AM - 11:04:33AM





「ねえねえ、何がそんなに楽しいの? ここには何もないような気がするんだけど」
「ずっと? ずうっと?」






採集日時:2017年7月6日 午前11時〜午前11時4分33秒