An underground morning / 地下の朝

There is a thing called “underground” in the ground surface. Literally it means the place under the ground. One day, some smart person came up with this brilliant idea to dig a hole under the ground to supplement the spacial shortage on the ground surface. After many failures, the terrestrial people succeeded to create rooms in the underground, and even run trains there. They call the underground trains “subway”. The subway also has many windows like the normal train. But you can only see a dark hole outside through the windows. The “train” surprised me , but the “subway” confused me even more and couldn’t understand the meaning of it for a while. While they already have “trains”, “cars” and “buses” a lot on the ground surface, they even wanted the vehicle which runs underneath invisibly in all the directions. Why they are in such a hurry to go somewhere so earnestly?

“The subway is the best to go to work! Can’t see anything outside the windows? Who cares! Don’t you get excited imagining the buses running towards the opposite direction, the trains running across, so many people walking everywhere ABOVE the beautiful speed of subway?”, a carefree bug said something unusually urban. He then turned his tentacles three times around and added cynically “…but it is troublesome that they invade the territory of the insects without permission”. According to him, the underground originally belongs to the insects. In fact, they are quite upset about this invasion. 

“I can’t see any stars from here”, murmured a stardust. “People are not looking at them even when they can, so no difference”, interrupted a carefree bug. I became worried imagining the terrestrial people expanding into the sea bed one day. Then I had to laugh recalling that I am the one who expanded myself from the sea bed to the ground surface. No outside light would reach underground. No outside sound. No birdsong. No wind song. Everything feels artificial there. Ticket vending machines repeat greetings. A robotic female voice repeats “the train is arriving!”. Among these, there was a voice repeating “Good Morning” each time a person went through the gate. I thought it was a voice of a male robot. Instead, I found that it was a voice of a human station worker. 

A stardust closed its eyes for a while to analyze if there was a trace of emotion in his voice, or not.

sample point : Tokyo Metro


「仕事に行くにはやっぱり地下鉄さ! 窓の外に何も見えないって? 地下鉄が素敵なスピードで走る上を、バスが反対方向に走って、電車が横切って、もっとたくさんの人があちこち歩き回っているって考えるだけでもワクワクしない?」とのんき虫がいつになく都会らしいことを言った。それから触覚を三回ほど回して「ただし、僕ら虫達の領域に無断で侵入するのはちょっとどうかと思うけどね」と皮肉な調子で付け加えた。彼によると、地下は本来は人間のものではなくて、虫のものなのだそうだ。実際、それはとても腹立たしいことらしい。