Rain, Home and Dance of Universe / 雨と家と宇宙のダンス

Sometimes there falls thing called “rain” on the ground surface. Originally it is sea water. It then becomes invitible particles heated up with the Sun, and rises up to the sky. Once the sky accumulates the unbearable amount of the particles, it starts falling again towards the ground surface. When it falls, the size of the particles are rather large, so the drops of water make sound when they hit my body in a ‘rainy’ day. The rhythm of rain drops is ticklish, sounding paraparapara. Carefree bug doesn’t like rain. Because even a drop of rain could be larger than his body, and if he tries to drink it, he could be drank. He frowned and complained that he couldn’t fly until his wings were dry, and it could be dangerous if several rain drops would connect to make a flood to wash him away.
”Sea water is salty, isn’t it? Don’t you think it is strange that the rain isn’t salty?”, said Carefree bug.
”What IS salty?”, said Stardust, twinkling its eyes.
I like to be under the rain. I think rain and I have some similarity - we both came from the ocean, yet we both found different sound. Also I found it amazing that my tail fin and pectral fins create wave-like movement even though I am not intentionally moving them when each rain drop hits each scale of mine in unexpected order.

“Oh, you are dancing!”, said a man.


“Yes. Dancing. Rain is dancing. You are dancing. The world is dancing.”

“Do you like to come home until the rain stops?” said the man, looking at the miserably wet Carefree bug.
So, we decided to stay at his “home” until the rain stops.
Each terrestrial person has a thing called “home”, which is like the shell of a hermit crab.
They go inside it when it rains.
They sleep inside it at night.

Inside his old wooden home was warm, and the sound of rain hitting on its roof was soft.

”Would you like some tea?”, a woman asked us coming out from the depth of the home, then she disappeared again. Each time she opened and closed a sliding door, it sang a strange song - kurukuru -.

“Feels like this home is alive!” Carefree bug cried for admiration, stretching his almost-dry wings.

The man who he said is a dancer started to dance with the sound of rain.

Stardust glowed slowly with the rhythm of the dance. My tale fin started to tell the story that even I don’t know. Carefree bug once in a while stroke a pose on the fingertip or eyelash of the dancer.

The rain stopped, and here appeared the moon.
We greeted, and left their home.

When I said “we don’t have home…” feeling slightly sad,
Carefree bug immediately screamed, “Is that so?”.
”I am totally fine just being with you. Well, I can always slip under your scales too”.
”The universe… is …home” muttered Stardust, looking into my eyes.

sample point: Kami-Ikebukuro, Tokyo

地表には時々「雨」というものが降る。これはもともとは海水だったものが太陽に温められて小さな見えない粒となって空へと昇り、空に耐えられないくらいつぶつぶが増えると今度はそれがまた地表に向かって落ちてくる。落ちてくる時には粒が随分と大きくなるので、雨の日に外に出ると、落ちてくる水のつぶつぶが体に当たって音を出す。それはくすぐったいリズムで、paraparaparaと鳴る。のんき虫は雨が嫌いなのだそうだ。なぜなら雨粒の一つはのんき虫の体よりも大きいくらいで、飲もうとすると飲まれてしまうからだそうだ。羽根が濡れたら、乾くまで飛べないし、雨粒二つ三つがつながったら洪水となって流されてしまうから剣呑なのだ、とのんき虫は顰めっ面をした。「海の水は塩辛いんでしょう? どうして雨は塩辛くないのかなあ」とのんき虫が言うと、星屑は「シオカライってなんのこと?」と目をピカピカさせた。私は雨に打たれるのが好きだ。雨が海からやってきたのに、海にいた時とは違う音を手に入れたことがどこか自分の身の上に似ているような気がしたし、雨粒の一個一個が私の鱗一枚一枚に予想できない順番で当たると、自分で動かしているわけではないのに、私の尾鰭や胸鰭が波打つように動くのだった。











のんき虫は「そう? ぼくはみんなと一緒にいたら十分だけどなあ。君の鱗の裏にも入れるし」と言い、星屑は「宇宙も家」とたった一言呟いて、私を見つめた。