Opening an imaginary door / 架空のドアを開く

There are a lot of "monuments" on the terrestrial surface. Those are the objects to memorize that something happened here before. Usually, monuments are to remember something special such as a great man's magnificent achievement or a miraculous incidence happened at that location. "Monuments" are almost always made of stone. "The stone is the most convenient material which won't melt or be torn easily, staying here the same over the long period of time..." --- when "a person in charge" explained about the "monument" like this politely standing by the "monument", we all imagined different things; carefree bug imagined that soon the terrestrial surface would be filled with monuments; stardust imagined the "long period of time" of the terrestrial people converted into the stellar time; I imagined that there actually would have been countless monuments made of snow, water drops or leaves, but they just might have disappeared and they are invisible now --- I imagined that each flower on the slope could be a monument for something not necessarily great or special. 

There are also a lot of "sites" on the terrestrial surface. These are the places where there used to be something, but gone now. I saw many people who were standing by the "site" and gazing at the empty space. Terrestrial people often are more moved by the things gone than the things still are. The things which are still there could so casually come into the eyes and swim around that eyes are quickly filled with images and they wouldn't be able to keep on seeing. That's why terrestrial people would take photos to check if these things actually exist. On the other hand, "sites" are the vacant screens to project the images in the memory. They say that saturation of the images remembered and projected onto the "site" seems higher than the one captured on the photos. People who stand still at the site are listening to the ripples of the colors of memory swimming in their mind. 

I heard that today is the "waterfall opening" day. Although waterfall doesn't open or close, terrestrial people sometimes create this kind of imaginary doors to make breakpoints. The newly opened waterfall indeed had a smell of a newborn summer, and a blank white page was waiting beyond the door. 

sample point: Yomogihira machi, Niigata, Japan